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This is the English information page about EduDivers (pronounce “adoo - thee verse”)

EduDivers is the Dutch Expertise Centre on Education and Sexual Diversity (or, as some prefer to say: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex(LGBTI) issues. EduDivers is non-profit foundation Between 1994 and 2010, EduDivers was called Empowerment Lifestyle Services.


  • We collecting information and good practices by keeping track of research and good practices, stimulating research and if necessary, carrying out research ourselves.
  • We enhance methods and training by (re)developing education programs on the student level, teacher level and the level of training of professionals. We offer both e-learning courses and real life training in a number of formats.
  • We offer consultancy on quality and effectiveness to the government, national educational institutions, municipalities, principals, teachers and student activists.
  • Sharing expertise. We publish all the information we find on this website (more than 1.000 pages). We make reviews and factsheets and share information through our EduDivers e-zine and a number of virtual think tank groups. We prefer not to collaborate with organizations who copyright their good practices or/and compete with others rather than collaborate.
  • International activities are carried out through GALE, The Global Alliance for LGBT Education. GALE is a global network of educators and trainers on LGBT issues with a similar mission as EduDivers. The project activities of GALE are carried out by the GALE Foundation. GALE and the GALE Foundation are initiatives of EduDivers; the Supervisory Boards of the GALE Foundation and the EduDivers Foundation are very closely together and both foundations share the same executive director.

articles in english

Here is a list of articles by EduDivers, its predecessor Empowerment and by GALE.